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Information: Health Form


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Attached should be the health form for G2G8. You will need to complete this forma and bring is along to G2G in a sealed envelope with your name and username on the front.

Ben (Balderick) has volunteered to be the first aider for the weekend. He will be supported by the three of us organisers if female assistance is needed - not that anything is going to happen of course!



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printed and signed already.

And so you can remind later when i say i have lost it, i have put it in my glove box in the car :D


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Will you have spares for people who forget?

*tounge in cheek* *says the girl who didn't remember she had forgotten her form at G2G6 til she got home and saw it on the bed!*


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I have been plotting how to beat the Ginsters wrapper. I have a hilarious idea and one our first aider will appreciate... but I don't think I could ever top it.