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Hellooooo Warwick SSAGO?


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I am at Warwick University and have heard a rumour there is a SSAGO group around... but I can't find them!

I thought I knew when and where they met, but when I got there I couldn't see anyone who looked guidey. Just to be sure (and much to the amusement of my friends), I walked round the pub shouting "SSAGO!" but no-one replied :(

So... do you exist? Anyone know anything about possibly the most elusive group on campus?

Several of the SSAGO members also help at local units (in Coventry, Kenilworth & Leamington).

If you'd also like to be placed please PM me


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Hi. I'm a leader at a new Guide and Ranger unit in Whitnash, Leamington. We're looking for help from Warwick SSAGO members to help either as a Guide leader or as a Ranger leader/member. If anyone is interested or knows of someone who might be please PM me. Kay

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Might be worth posting on their Facebook group - called Warwick SSAGO. Most students will have exams at the moment until mid June though so you might not get a prompt reply.