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Question? Help with ideas please for recruitment stall at primary school


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We've been asked by a local primary school to run a stall at their summer fete to publicise Girlguiding.

Am trying to think of fun activities we could run that are typical Girlguiding activities suitable for rainbows to young guides and won't need a massive number of adults nor cost the earth to do. Preferably something they won't have done at school.

My favourite is toasted marshmallows but we want a backup in case weather is bad and we can't do marshmallows (don't know as yet if school would allow us to run this activity indoors in the event of bad weather - we've been told that they will use school halls if weather is against them)

Any ideas welcome
Many thanks


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Make edible campfires?

Use a choc digestive as a base, break up a couple of matchmakers or choc fingers as logs, and stick it all together using some orange icing (the glowing embers). You can also add flames to the top by cutting up a couple of those orange and lemon slice sweets you use to decorate cakes with :)

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If they are not doing it already why not ask to do face painting? It certainly draws (no pun intended!) a crowd of children. Its not to hard to do, I learned PDQ when I was thrown in at the deep end and had to do it for my sons PTA at his school fair! (could practice before hand on your little red / yellow / blue peeps? with their and parents permission of course!) A small kit doesnt cost the earth, I have one I use as a fund raising / recruitment tool at festivals, fetes christmas etc.


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You could draw a crowd with something like armpit fudge too (remember this could give you time to engage adults and get more leaders - not that I am cunning or anything).


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Food is usually a good crowd pleaser. One of the ones that both my Rainbows and Brownies have liked is edible sparklers - chocolate fingers dipped in warm water then in hundreds and thousands.

Other ideas - make a photo album of pictures you've taken in the unit. certainly got photos from what both of my units have done. Good way of quick advertising what the unit has done and the prospective parents can see how much fun the girls have had. 'a picture can say a thousand words' comes to mind. I've got to update both of the photo albums with some more pictures, especially with the ones that I found in the Guiders room during my sort out.


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What about decorating biscuits, can be a bit boring but we've done it as a recruitment as it's pretty self sufficient!

We used to charge 20p a biscuit or something and parents happily paid that for their kids to do the biscuit!


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I'm going to the school fair this week and I'm planning to do a bit of fundraising and recruitment for my units. I've had a teddy donated for 'name the teddy' competition - just need to do the board, 'pull' the name and then put it into an envelope on the back of the board. It was originally £15.00 but was given to the unit free of charge, so thinking about charging 50p per square, doing about 50 names on the board. Also got a small teddy that I found in the Brownie cupboard, which was a free teddy from a Baker Ross order I think - going to do the same as the big teddy, but charge 10p per guess with 30 names. So assuming that all names are used up, that'll make £28.00 for the two teddies. Also going to have prizes on cards and players have to choose the corresponding card from a pack with the card on the table. I've got a wide range of prizes left over from the summer and Christmas fayres last year. Also got some books, plus some bookmarks/fortune tellers that the Brownies have made as well, so will look at selling them for a small amount (10-20p each).

For the publicity side, will have both of the photo albums from the units, showing what the units have done over recent years. Also have information about both units - date, time and place available for parents to take away with them. As it's going to be on the school playing field, willing to give out the exact meeting times/place than normal to a wider audience. Hopefully it'll mean that some girls will just turn up to the meetings.

Any other ideas? As it's a school fair, want to keep it simple and easy to manage. will also prompt the girls who attend the school to bring their friends to the stall and hopefully talk about what they've enjoyed.


Might be worth checking what other stalls the school is doing - offering something similar to something they are doing something wouldnt be good - at our school fair last summer, school kitchen decided to give away food which obviously had a detrimental effect on the BBQ that the school PTA was running!


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As I've been donated a teddy so I'll be doing a 'name the teddy competition', I'll probably charge £1.00 per go as it's a large teddy. I'm going to do 88 names for people to choose from. Last couple of years there's been quite a few families who've attended the fair, so hopefully quite a few people will have at least one go. All the names are going to be girls (got quite a few already). Then the other main fundraising is going to be using cards, with a mixture of prizes - which will be for less money.

The remainder of the stall will be used for publicity for the units. I'm not planning to do any food as food has been popular with other stalls in the past. Also have the benefit that the head has said that he's not going to be charging me for a stall. So I'll be straight into profit. Hopefully I'll have quite a few more girls starting next week, with at least one potential new girl starting this week.


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I spoke to the head teacher of the main primary school that we normally get most of the Rainbows/Brownies from. He's agreed that I can run a walking bus system from the school to the hut, should parents/guardians need/wish for one - it'll be aimed at just Rainbow parents.

Also allowed to go in and do a short activity with the reception class (and maybe another class) during the lunch time for 15-20 minutes, with the girls. So going to talk to the teacher(s) concerned and see if they are OK with it. Said that I would provide all the activities for the short session. As it's targetted at Rainbow age, planning to do one round the theme of Olivia - dot to dot/colouring sheet, then a short quick game of Hide Olivia in the room. Then will give the girls information about the Rainbow unit - day, time, place of where we meet plus the cost (with first session free). Hopefully this will lead to new girls starting later this term and/or in September. On the letter put just turn up.


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I ran a recruitment stall last week at the rugby club. We could not do any fundraising. So my Guides did the Streets Ahead survey, which engaged the adults, and then made friendship bracelets with the girls.


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As this Saturday it's the local town carnival, I'm holding a stall (this year will be the third year I've run one). I've been given a teddy by one of the parents to do as a prize (name the teddy competition and going to charge £1.00 a go, may as well push my luck as it's a medium-large teddy). For both of the units I'm doing flyers. For the Rainbows, it's A4, half is information about the unit including contact details/what we do. The other side is a dot to dot of Olivia (both A5 in size). Then for the Brownies, just doing the information, but haven't found anything to do for the girl's side of the paper.

Been speaking to one of my Rainbow parents and she's going to give out the Rainbow posters/flyers for me at her daughter's school fair (at the end of the week). Also looking into attending another carnival (local) next month, subject to clashes with other activities and possibly handing out more flyers for the Rainbows.

Should explain that the said parent also runs a Brownie unit, and we have an agreed border from where we recruit girls from. All the girls attend my Rainbow unit. The 'boundary' between our two units is somewhere between the next village along from where I live and the road turning off for the vine yard. Though we've both agreed to let parents know about each other's units so that parents have the option of which unit they would like their daughter(s) to attend.

In some ways it works well for us, as between us we've got direct links into two of the local primary schools (as got our own daughters in the schools), also roughly another 4/5 primary schools are aware of at least one of us, if not both. We are also both on facebook, so can access quite a few more people in the community as well. It also helps that both of us live in small communities - so most people where we both live, know who both of us are.

In the primary school that my two youngest daughters attend, quite a few of the children know that I'm the Rainbow/Brownie lady.

I've got the rest of the publicity sorted/in hand for this term, then in September I'm hoping to arrange a date with one of the teachers to do an activity with some of the reception/year 1 girls. I spoke to the teacher yesterday and agreed to arrange a date after the holidays. It also helps that I've got both the head and at least one of the teachers on my side as they can see the benefits of girls attending Rainbows/|Brownies.


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Attended the local carnival - managed to hand out some leaflets to girls. Another leader I know spread the word of my Rainbow unit at the school that her daughter attends. (DD in my Rainbows, leader runs a Brownie leader a couple of villages across from my Brownie unit). Between us we've got three more girls for Rainbows in September (all attend her dd's school). Now doing a major target of the local primary school where normally I get most of my Rainbows from. Spoke to one mum today, said that the unit has come from the brink of closure to slowly gaining more interest. Said that she would talk to her dd over the holidays, look at the possibility of her coming and dd's friend. As dd sees her Dad on Rainbow night, said that he was more than welcome to attend as well. So sowed the seed of thought, and said to Mum to get back in touch with me about it.

Also got two girls who are interested in joining Rainbows - one in March and then one at the back end of April/early May. So hopefully when these two girls join, I'll get some more girls from their classes.

My targets are over the summer holidays (so much for being 'off duty' Guiding wise). Going to attend a local event on two days to a) raise money and b) recruit more girls. Another fun day - just hand out leaflets. Then possibly (not confirmed/decided yet) attend another local carnival, again to possibly raise money for my Rainbows and more importantly again raise awareness of the Rainbow unit. The other two will be for both of my units (Rainbows and Brownies).