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Help World Thinking Day Girlguiding uk 2010 badge


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Has anyone got a spare Girl Guiding UK Girls in the lead World Thinking Day Badge 2010 metal pin if possible, that I can buy

We have just had a thinking day event where the girls were given this badge. A girl who hadn't been involved in the lead up turned up on the night and her mother demanded she got the badge. Hence I now have a very upset daughter who went without.

If anyone can help or head me in the right direction that will be great. All avenues tried have been unsucessful.



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Thanks Soap Queen
If I could buy 2 that would be great. At least then she will have a badge for her efforts and i can keep searching for a metal one.
I have got a metal one she can have, as I could get no cloth ones. PM me with details of how to get it to you.
Would like a cloth one if any one got one spare


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Strange, I ordered 200 with our depot in Dec. They had a letter to say first run had sold out and we'd have to reorder. Sadly this got missed and last week we had to get metal ones as they said there were no more to come.

I love GGUK sometimes...That said we're having our do this weekend to avoid half term so may be needing more yet if more turn up...
just had email and they are producing more.
ahhh now thats not on, we ordered pin badges from them on thursday last week (direct from trading) as they said they weren't going to get any more cloth badges or do another run!!!

We were how ever very pleased with their delivery they arrived friday morning normaly 1st class post!


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sorry - I seem to have misplaced the cloth badges I bought for the guides (before realising we'd get some at the thinking day event), the extra ones I bought for the brownies have been reserved for various people (I've pm'd those involved). So none left atm

However, when I find the missing badges I'll repost on here!


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I ordered cloth only the other day and got told they were discontinued then they said they were doing more but that they hadn't held my order and i would have to re order them - can I be bothered?