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Home again


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Home again. Not too much mess and child very pleased to see me. Had a really good weekend - big thanks to Ben, Emma, Han and TJ - and to dolly.


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I've been home about 30 mins. Need to tidy up and plan Guides for Monday then I can sit, though I'm surprisingly untired.

Thank you to the organisers and the catering team for another great weekend
I'm home too, very excited boys not too malnourished!! Thanks to everyone for a fab weekend and to all my new friends or old friend that I have yet to find on Facebook, please come and find me there!! Look for Emma Batson-Compton. I want to keep in touch with you all!! Hope to see you all again soon and to Ben and Emma, I hope your little man is better soon.


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got home about hour ago but then died as journey home tied me out.. i had such a brilliant time! thank you so much all you lovely people who made the weekend brilliant and a Huge thank you to our organisers and qms! :D

and if any of you want to find me on fb.... im victoria hogg


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I'm home too, Foxy dropped me off a couple of hours ago but only just made it online! Thank you to all the organisers and the QMs, had a lovely weekend :)


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I'm home. Brilliant weekend and brilliant food.

Will try and find people on facebook, but if you want to find me search using my maiden name Kathryn Ankin. Married name Robinson is much too common :)


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Home again and what a fab weekend - thanks to all the organisers for their immense hardwork.

Likewise, can be found on FB - Carol Pike


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I avoided being squashed on the M5...just! What is with people?! Im feeling the need for a shower and a nap now.
Thank you for a good weekend :)


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Got home about an hour ago - drinking tea and catching up :)
Thanks to all the organisers, the weekend was fab! :D


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Got back about 30 minutes ago, stuff in washing machine already (but the rest needs to be unpacked). OH and DD were waiting for me and unloaded the car, made me a cuppa with a nice choccy muffin. DD has already asked if I have got her anything (the packed of prawn cocktail crisps was obviously not enough!). House is remarkable tidy.

The road back down was much quieter than I expected, including the Dartford crossing, so got home a lot quicker than I thought. Thanks again to all the organisers and the catering team (Dolly, OH wants to know why I have a packet of ham). It was a fab weekend, met up with old friends, made new friends, laughed a lot, rediscovered the pleasures of alcohol (watch out next time).

I shall treasure my award, while hating you all forever for it (can you understand this post - does it need translated?)

I can be found on fb but apparently there are a lot of people with the same name (how? why?) so best to find me via the guiders.co.uk fb page where it lists our usernames and real names.


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I've been home for a while now, thanks to Lette for the lift home and I hope KB isn't too sore for long!

I've just woken up after dozing off on the sofa.

If you want to find me then I'm on FB - I'm on the Guiders and also the 1st Facebook pages...


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I got home a couple of hours ago (we had a debrief on the way back) and am now collapsed on the sofa.

Thanks to you all for your help and understanding. Hope you all had fun! And thanks for the lovely gifts as well!


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Been home for some time now but been out and back again. Had a fab weekend thanks all. Food was awesome thanks to the catering and organising team for a really good weekend. All showered and unpacked, Washing machine is on and its time to snooze on the sofa and eat all the food I managed to bring home with me. best of all I got home to the lawn having been cut and all the washing up done - bonus :)


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Thanks everyone for a great weekend!
I've been home for a bit and went for a nap - now having a chilled out evening!
Thanks as well to everyone who helped with first aid at the end.....who would have thought that saying good bye would be dangerous....


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Home here too. Love to all. I am Nicky Batson on facebook if you would like to add me.

Thank you all so much for a lovely weekend. Em and I won't leave it so long next time :O)
OMG!!! I just got an email to say that Jenthefunkyranger and Guiding Nutter on geocaching.com have retrieved a travel bug called Twinkle Twinkle Little Torch. It has a welsh flag chain on it. It belongs to TeamCompton4. I AM THAT TEAM!! It is my family team with hubby and the boys. How legendary and weirdly coincidental is that!! Who had it overnight, did I sleep in the same room as my own travel bug and not know it ??

Compo, the mummy from TeamCompton4