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My Brownies are working on the Home Skills badge. I have just noticed that part of the syllabus has changed. It now asks the girls to describe the electronic system of colour recognition used by blind or visually impaired people. Does anyone know what this is?



does it mean something different to the colour coded buttons for visually impaired it used to refer to? Is it a new system?
Yes, it's a more high-tech system, to replace having to sew buttons into garments, and means that people can quite quickly check on the colour of garments without having to find the button on each item, and can also give a more accurate colour (rather than just 'blue' which could be anywhere from pastel to navy).


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Hi, I work for the RNIB as a Helpline Advisor, and I am a Brownie and Guide Leader. I have had several enquires recently asking about Tactile Buttons and Colour recognition, the old Brownie Badge Books refer to Tactile Button but the syllabus has changed to "Describe the electronic system of colour recognition used by blind or visually impaired people"

Here are a few products that help with colour recognition and other labelling tools

Talking colour detector
This battery operated colour detector is easy to use and detects 12 basic colours. By holding the detector to an item of clothing, it will speak the colour in a clear male English voice.

Voice labelling system called a Penfriend
The simple and easy-to-use RNIB PenFriend enables you to record your own audio labels for a wide range of items in and around the home, at school and work. When you need to identify the item, simply place the PenFriend on to the label and it will play back your recording! You can even record onto laundry labels.

Colorino talking colour identifier & light detector
The Colorino Colour Identifier & Light Detector fits easily into the palm of your hand and it is very easy to use. It clearly announces up to 150 shadings - not just red, for example, but pale red, light red, dark red, as well as intense red.

Products change as technology moves forward so although the above products and descriptions taken from the current website and Every Day Living catalogue 2017, they may not be current when your Brownies do their badge.

For further information on sight-loss and assistive products, please see our Website

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