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Homework help


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Homework is about girlguiding need help with it want know what like with old guider and today guider then have type there it part of engish crouse. Did old guider go to church? realy need historys of rainbow and Ranger when did young leader start? when did guider start?


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tried to post a link to wikipaedia, but its not workiing, try googling girlguiding uk wiki...it might work...


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If it helps I remember going to church as a Guide in the 1980's and I know that my dd has not been at all since she joined her Unit sept 2009


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in the 1970's our brownie and guide units went to church once a month and had girl nominated to carry flag - I got to carry said flags a few times

thinking back the service was a bit like a modern day "family" church service now... it was quite a common thing then for units to attend church, whereas now not so sure there are many that attend regularly at all?

I now run rainbows...