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How do SS member get involved in programme


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As title says really, how do SS members get involved in the programme?
Guessing being in wales Bron may have some trainings, but I know nothing, we dont have anyone in county that has ever done it so thinking of suggesting to a few of the YL but want to give them some info so they can make the decision.


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You should have a County Coordinator, if not you can contact your Country Coordinator (I know her, she's lovely!) There's also a section in the Member's Area of the Girlguiding UK that has a list of when and where Basic Trainings will be.


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County dont tell us anything would have a clue if we have a coordinator, guessing not has we have nobody who has done the training.

Will have a look on the GGUK site


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The last I heard of it (and this was a while ago now), there were 2 basic In4mer trainings being held a year, one in the north and one in Newport. As far as I'm aware they haven't run one in Broneirion.
The person to ask would either be your Llais Y Ddraig representatives or, if you know her, Tasha was a bit of a BNOC in In4mer circles (and GG Cymru circles generally!).


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I am the same came across the program on my own nothing gets fed down, I emailed 4 via the senior section website and booked myself on a course but they were helpful and sent me information about 4 and available training weekends although it has been difficult to book on one as head office don't usually run them its up to the region commissioners/senior section advisers. Not attending one in my county but should be interesting weekend :)