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How many more sleeps?


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I thought you were going to say "how many more sleeps to christmas" when I opened the thread! thats what we always used to say to the kids when they were getting real excited!

its certainly an action packed year!


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surely you mean how many more nights not how many more sleeps? Some people may nap during the day and sleep at night thus causing it to be more sleeps for them - they may also have insomnia and not sleep therefore it would be fewer sleeps for them!
*wanders off to insomnia land*


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oooo yes, I should be there too, so exciting, OH thinks I'm a loon, dd is a bit more with it and explained it to OH as pack holiday for grown ups :)


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Argh! I can't believe how close it is......so much to sort out in just one day!
Check I've done the laundry
Sort my costume
Sort the craft
Reason for the lack of time - I'm on a first response course on Sunday and working in Chippenham Monday - Thursday!


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i'll be leaving in about 4 hours .... and prob getting there in 8ish too!


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follow the yellow brick road!

sorry, i'm in a musical mood today - blame 3 year old wanting to watch disney musicals!! lol.