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Question? How much rent do you pay?


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We meet in jointly owned HQ. We have traditionally charged an amount per head which paid over termly based on our census numbers.
We have a couple of new leaders in the district that feel the rent is too high and they may get a better deal elsewhere, possibly paying a set amount per night.
I was wondering roughly what others pay?
The current rent is £20 a head and it rises to £25 in September. This equates to a third of our Subs...


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We pay rent at a fixed rate per meeting. I have just worked it out and it is currently just under 25% of our subs. Our numbers are a bit low at the moment but our rent will be the same if we have 10 girls or 24!

I've never looked at is this way before (as a percentage of our income) but I think our rent is very reasonable. :)


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I think you'll find it hard to make a comparison, as it varies so much by area, for example we pay £91 (9% of each girls subs with our current 19 girls) a year for the hall we use, regardless of numbers. The highest any unit in the district pays is £5 an hour, which is loads for round here, especially as 3 other units meet for free.
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£16 a night for a Scout Hut. We're quite a big unit so that works out just under 50p a head.


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we meet in a school and pay £28.50 per week - if we have a 12 week term this is almost 50% of our subs - we charge £30 per term per girl regardless of length of term, this includes census


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We meet in a school and pay £6 an hour (for 2 hours). This is subsidized by the local council however.


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We pay £7 per hour, currently looking at putting up subs as census is more than one terms' subs and with the current number of girls rent is also more than one term's subs, leaving about half a terms subs for all the activities and badges throughout the year


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Own our own hall and so have to cover all our expenses and so pay a fixed amount per girl present per night - equates to just over 1/3 of subs. Don't pay for nights not in hall and do some fundraising and public lets to boost funds.


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we have big numbers over the evening so on the whole fixed prices suit is more, however for units like Rainbows which might be smaller it can be harder. We pay per evening, and it covers Rainbows, Brownies and Guide meetings. We then divide by the total number that term, and work out a per head cost. They pay per meeting, even though Rainbows is shorter in terms of hours.
Last 3mth rent was £200
Rainbows = 16 girls
Brownies = 24 girls
Guides = 20 girls
so 60 in total works out at £3.33 per girl, Rainbows £53.33, Brownies £79.95 and Guides £66.60.
In terms of % of subs.
We had 11 weeks during this rent period.
Rainbows pay £1.50 per wk 20% of this on rent
Brownies & Guides pay £2 per wk 15% of this on rent

I like to keep it under the 20% mark in terms of a % but that is difficult to achieve. I try to break down the weekly cost in terms of rent, subs, costs. Its about 33p a child per week in terms of rent, we save 50p for census. So I would want the rent to be above 50p each, that would give us £1 for other things per week, and less in Rainbows. This was the maths I used when setting up the units last year.


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I know it's hard to compare one area with another which is why the proportion method is a good comparison, but it was surprising to me that the leader felt it was an unfair way of charging. In the past we have benefitted from it particuarly when numbers have been low. Because I'm involved in the running of the hall I needed another view on it.

It's interesting that another hall owned by units uses a similar method. The argument is I guess that the bills for the hall need paying whether it is used or not and by charging a head it shares the costs equally between all users. I don't think the newer leaders feel any 'ownership' of the hall yet and that' s understandable, maybe I need to stress some of the advantages of it.


It's almost impossible to compare hall rents because there are so many variables.

Size of hall
Access to storage, kitchen, stage or other extra facilities in addition to the hall itself
Condition of premises - are they basic or fancy, recently-upgraded or in need of upgrade
Location - high rents in areas of high demand (including, but not exclusively, city centres)
Subsidy - is there a subsidy from the hall owner or local authority. Is the local 'going rate' for hires competitive?
Method of charging - per hour, per head, or a combination. Is charge per meeting on those nights you use the hall, or all term regardless of whether you are meeting at the hall or on an outing.
Grounds - do you also have the use of outside space which comes with the premises

Because ours is a Guide Hall, we charge so much per head per term, because we recognise that Brownie and Guide units naturally tend to have higher numbers than Rainbow units do; one might assume that there would therefore be more wear and tear. But most halls charge an hourly rate regardless of how many people are attending the event, because they aren't interested in whether there are 2 or 200, the costs to them to keep the hall going are the same.


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We currently pay approx. £95 per term for the use of a local school hall - I only pay for the weeks we are actually in the hall although they always bill me for every week each term. We also try to get all parents signed up for Gift Aid as this helps towards rising costs plus we do one big fundraiser per year but if costs keep rising this might have to be increased. The money we make from gift aid and our fundraiser goes directly to the census although usually this only covers around a 1/4 of that cost - the rest comes out of the subs.


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depends on area as well as the facilities the hall offers!

my hall hire for 1 hr of rainbows and also including setting up and clearing away afterwards (so approx 1 hr 15 mins is £15 per week) this includes use of kitchen which we have to ask permission to use and can pay a little extra to cover gas to use it, and storage of couple of storage boxes and outdoor grass area which we can use. But we were paying £13 and they increased this to £15 for 2014, but after I queried this, extended our £13 for a little longer but don't know quite how long for... then it will be £15 (so at the moment I am considering the £2 reduction a week a big bonus!!!!)

some that use local schools pay that and whilst they have a bigger hall for 1½hrs and they have no storage at all...

so whilst I gain re storage of things like pens/bean bags/balls/skipping ropes I loose out on size of hall and how many girls I can comfortably fit into hall (so my hall cost per girl is probably higher than those in school halls because in our area they have larger girl numbers...)