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How to deal with this one


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We have a long term arrangement with the blood donors who are allowed to use our hall when they wish. For some reason though there has been a mix up with the dates and when AG arrived to do something for the scouts before brownies we discovered that they were using the hall and no one had told us.

Cue a nightmare evening moving 28 brownies between 2 rooms not to mention the poor line dancers who showed up as usual.

What has annoyed me is that they were meant to be in the day before but the caretaker didn't think to check why they hadn't shown up. Then when they showed up a day later, why it didn't occur to him to pick up the phone and let people know. With even 3 hours notice I could of planned something making use of the smaller space.

What has made me most cross though is that, knowing there was an issue, he didn't bother to ring the lady who does the line dancing after brownies. In the past we've had issue where the cubs have had to cancel on arrival because there isn't a spare room for them just to move into. It's just pathetic.

I'm about to email the blood donors to explain the issue and to see if I can get onto a mailing list to ensure that we're covered in future. Turns out the next one is a Wednesday night as well - the list we had only had Monday's listed on it.


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I think you should probably contact everyone all round. Is there any kind of hall users mailing list which the weeks/months schedule could be sent around perhaps?

Is it the caretakers job to inform people of a clash? He may think it's beyond his remit or doesn't has the numbers to call in a clash.

Maybe you need to make sure everyone knows who does what and what happens if there is a problem and maybe have a list of contact numbers somewhere in the hall with the schedule for the week/month so if something isn't right you can consult the schedule and let anyone affected know. It's not your job to sort this but sounds like no one else will sort it and if it's causing you this much trouble you should try yourself to get it sorted.


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Surely the blood donors have a schedule of visits somewhere and it's agreed with someone at the hall, booking secretary or whoever. Can you speak to them and ask for a copy of the schedule? Together with formalising some form of a contact list for last minute changes.

Sounds like one of these tasks that anyone can do, someone should do but nobody does...


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The caretaker is in charge of bookings and it would be his job (being onsite) to inform users of any clashes. We have a services team who are in charge of the day to day running but they delegate bookings to him. We were meant to be getting a calendar but it's never materialised and in this instance i'm not sure it would have helped as the information the blood donors sent the church was wrong. Thing is correct dates were posted by them to donors in March so if we'd of been on the mailing list we could of found out through that.

Waiting for a call back from them so hopefully they will fill me in as to what happens when they make a booking or an amendment. I pointed out that it's in their interest as we had had to go through the hall to access our stuff and then, to add insult to injury, another user locked a door upstairs (a firedoor) so we couldn't get through up the back stairs.

Sometimes I just think the church comes secondly to room hire. Bare in mind this is the caretaker who allowed a room in the church to be used by a cash for gold company which upset a lot of us for some reason!