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Official Info: How to get there!!!! :) :)


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Will pick snowy up - Not picking Jemma up from the train I am picking her up from home. I think she will probably win the medal for who lives closest! She is just across the main road from the entrance to BW! Although Figgy probably comes close!

I will PM snowy my number but will also send it to you yorkie just in case she doesn't come on here again before she sets off. The only snag will be if OH gets stuck in traffic but I will still pick her up at 6.30pm and then take kids back home after if needs be.


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There seems to be a lot of us car sharing too, so probably there are fewer people going by train.

I'll have BAWRG and Slice with me, all the Notts bunch are going in one car, Wren is taking Osprey, Scareyclarey and Zeberdee, The Scottish bunch are travelling together...