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How to - Insert eBay Items in your Post

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To include a 'widget' of the eBay listing like the one below simply follow these steps:
  1. On the eBay listing page copy the long Item number (Ctrl+C) which can be found on the right hand side under Other Info.
  2. On the forum create and new thread or post and insert the ebay code by click on the ebay button. This is on the same line and bold, center etc.
  3. A popup will appear asking you for a search term which will allow the widget to show something after the item has expired. Type something like guiding.
  4. In your post you should now see the ebay code. Between the brackets past your ebay item code (Ctrl+P)
  5. Preview or Submit your post for it to work
If an error appears edit the post and make sure no other code and slipped in there such as a color reference etc.

It should look like this:

[ EBAY="guiding" ] 350345574894 [ /EBAY ]

(without the spaces!)



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I can't take the credit for designing the widget though as ebay did that all by themselves. Looks mighty fine though and actually easier to read than the real item's webpage!
thats fantastic, i knew ebay had gone through a lot a changes but that is going to make things so much easier when looking at bits through this forum!


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Raaow, when I've tried using this, the code that comes up is different to the one you've posted above. It didn't work then, but then when I've edited it so it is the same, it still hasn't worked...

Edit - I checked it again and had a speech mark at the end of the item number in the wrong place. But the first part it still a problem I'm getting


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I just type [ then without any spaces ebay=] then the item code copied and pasted then type [ and again without any spaces /ebay]

don't need "guiding" as works without the extra wording


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I'm still finding that I'm having to edit the code once it's into my post
Are you puting the ebay id into the popup box as this is just for the alternative search once the auction has been deleted by eBay.

All you need to do is click on the ebay button, in the popup add the works 'badges' or 'girlguiding' and it then inserts the code into the post. You then have to add the ebay item number between the start and end codes ie ][.

Shame the popup can't ask for the id code too but don't think the system can do it.
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