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How to send a Private Message (PM) on the new forum


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Hi all,
I can see a number of people who are unsure how to send PMs on the new forum. I thought I'd try to help because PMs are very useful for sharing information that shouldn't be posted publicly, like emails, addresses etc

There are two ways you can do this:
1) in the top right of the main forum page header when you log in, you should see "inbox". This is where new messages come in, but if you click on it, it then has an option for you to "start a conversation". For this option you need the person's username. Type your message, send, and await a reply!

2) If you are in a particular thread and decide to contact a contributor privately, you can click on their avatar or photo and it brings up a number of options, including "start a conversation". This takes you to the same places as 1) but it auto completes the username.

I'll edit this with screenshots when I'm back on a pc, but please ask here if you have more queries, as the forum has changed quite a bit, and we have a number of new members so don't be afraid to ask!