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How to start a camp blanket!


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So this is a common question we hear, so lets see if I can get it all in one post:)

So first things first, youll be needing a blanket! Places like Ikea, Guiding Essentials, ect are all highly recommended.
- There is no "correct" blanket to have, they can be brought new from a shop, or an old army blanket, or just one you found in the airing cupboard!
- Nor is there a right size, some people say the ones from Guiding are a bit small for poncho-ing, but to each his own =]
- Blankies can also be any colour you like, what ever takes your fancy!
- Sometimes it doesnt even have to be a blanket, it can be a jacket or similar garment too

Next step is deciding how youde like to wear it! The poncho is rather popular, as is the standard blanket (with no customisation). This is a nice little site I came across that shows several different ways of wearing a blanket, with instructions:p 3rd Harpenden Scout Group

So now you have a blanket, and have decided what to do with it - Next thing youll be asking is "What do I put on it?". Blankets are are unique as you are and can be seen as a little physical diary of you:)
- Guiding and scouting badges you earnt
- Badges from places youve visited
- Army, navy badges
- Badges passed down from family and friends
- Fun badges
- Badges from charity shops, ebay ect
- Swaps
Swaps are any badge youve got going spare, one you do not want for your own blanket, silks are most common for swaps I guess as theyre cheap and different for each county
- Badges youd like to give a home too
- Neckers and woggles
- Customisation (names and pictures in felt, diamanté, embroidery)
ect, the list goes on :D

Now youve got stuff to put on the blanket youll be asking, "how do I do it?" - Some people like their blankets neat and ordered, badges grouped and what not (ie brownie badges together, fun badges together, standards together) some like theirs higgledy piggledy and sew on badges as they come. Its all down to personal choice and what you feel is right:)

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I think thats the basics covered, if Ive missed anything, please let me know and ill update this post, Ill also try add some pictures to it =]

Guiding Essentials (Blanket Image)
Ikea (Blanket Image)
3rd Harpenden Scouts (Blanket Ideas)
Coolandme (Stuff to sew pile)
Sliceofrice (Embrodied Trefoil Image)
Dizzybint (Lisa Image)
sammie (Samantha Image)
Pigeon_Owl (Blanket Image)
CrispyChicken (Blanket Image)
Mariag (Blanket Image)
Hilzo42 (Blanket Image)
Tawny75 (Blanket Image)
alexp44 (Blanket Image)
Pompey_Ranger (Camp Jacket Image)
meridlin (Poncho Image)
Smudge (Hooded Cape Image)
Smudges Mummy (for Modelling)
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mines not got many on, but has started in all the corners, with brownie ones in one cornewr, guides in another, SS and the odd scout one in another. the other corner being kept slear for now!


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I think we have the same blanket!

I am ridiculously amused by the ways of wearing a blanket - particularly the one that makes you look LIKE A MONK.


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I think we have the same blanket!

I am ridiculously amused by the ways of wearing a blanket - particularly the one that makes you look LIKE A MONK.
I wear mine like this! With a belt and all, butt, i have it over my shoulders cause the badges amke it too stiff to drape over my head :)


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here s a pic of a nice organised one for you (yes, i sewed it in rows by blocks and put groups together so all my old Guides ones are there, scout ones are there, standards are there, ones from certain camps are there...)
The random ones actually disturb me. It's odd to get a reaction just from a pic but I get the urges to re-do it in a nice order.



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*smiles at Alex's*
See I'm one of those people who needs to be able to instantly find any badge so mine is done by category too (and it took me a long time to decide them!). Everytime I get a new badge I cry inside a bit because it means I'll have to find it a home on the blanket where it fits. I'm already onto round 3 of sewing because everything was just in the wrong place!

I'm not usually so neat either.


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but, but, how do you find badges when you want to point them out, what do you do if you have a big badge that needs to be added but you can't find any room?