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Ideas for a (relative) newbie!

Mrs T

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Hi having run a successful rainbow unit for a few years, I have now offered to help run Brownies too.
The unit needs a bit of love and support and I want to help get it going again, but not take over!
Any suggestions and ideas for the summer term to get me going while I get to grips with the older age group would be fantastic ! Thank you


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We're going to:
Attempt the craft badge, so we'll do rangoli (W) origami (W) and make a tote bag from a pillowcase (Y)
Make ice cream using coconut milk (cooks badge, Y)
Make vegetable and halloumi skewers to grill on a BBQ (cooks badge, Y)
Plant some herb seeds (Y)
Play paint twister

We don't have any other ideas at the moment and have 3 more meetings to fill.
P.S. YCW denotes if it's a You, Community or World activity


Summer term is outdoor term, so we'll be doing backwoods skills, outdoor games, treasure hunts and trails, sport etc.


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Another idea might be do pick 3 badges and let the girls choose. You can choose ones that suit the weather and your capabilities, but they get final pick. For example, you might say:
1) Craft badge - origami, Indian outdoor craft, making tote bags, piñatas
2) Out of doors badge - scavenger hunt, outdoor cooking, something else that's on the syllabus
3) Brownie Skills - run a laundrette, try knot tying with strawberry laces, make a packed lunch

And then they each get a vote. You'll still have weeks where you choose the activity and can balance the term out a bit in terms of indoor/outdoor, but it gives them a sense of independence and some lead in the activities, which makes it feel more democratic and less like you're taking over.