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Question? Ideas needed for recruitment workshop for girls


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We have been asked to go into our local primary school to tell them their girls about guiding. The school would like us to talk to their girls (5 to 11) in small groups about guiding and then run some very simple, cheap workshop type activities for each group (activities would have to need minimal adult assistance).

Thinking possibly craft activities which means they have something to take home but not having any inspirations at the moment.

Has anyone got any ideas as to what we could do ?



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I like doing 'hand' crafts. I did something like this for Thinking Day and it was quite simple!

- Give each child a piece of paper (newspaper would be fine) and get them to draw around their hand or foot and cut it out if they can.
- Pre-print sticky labels with things that they can do to 'be good' at home and get them to choose one to stick on their hand. Stuff like 'I will make my bed', 'I will brush my teeth', 'I will load the dishwasher', 'I will go to bed when I get asked'. Older ones can write their own of course, but the little ones may need the stickers.

It's a bit Promise-y, so gives an idea of what Guiding is about.

Good luck!



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Promise flowers - document hopefully attached - print and then photocopy the relevant number. Colour in (with coloured pencils, not felt pens as these will run when put on the water) and cut out then fold the petals in to hide the promise. When you float them on water the petals open up. Nice and easy and needs minimal assistance, we're doing it for our bring a friend evening this week. The promise is in a text box so can be adapted to the relevant section too.



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Should probably say the way we did it was to have one cut out ready, then demonstrated folding the petals in and then watched what happened when we put it on water, then each girl made their own and folded them to take home and float on water at home so they didn't have soggy flowers to take home or have to bin them straight away!