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i'm NAFFED off


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Just got my timetable and i don't finish until 6 on a wednesday. Brownies starts at 6 and I have a 1.5-2 hrs journey home so gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I had the same problem when I went to uni. Ended up (all be it after some 2 years off) switching to Guides. Turns out Brownies doesn't work with my work schedule anyway.


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i have a lecture til 5 on a thurs and brownies starts at 5.30. this would be fine if they let me take my car but they wont so i cant get there now!


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That's rubbish - we didn't have anything after 1.15 on a Wednesday as it was 'sports' afternoon (or go shopping or volunteer in a school in my case ;-))


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we had the afternoon off on wednesdays as well :) i think it is so all the universities can play each other at sport, and for the rest of us, we all went shopping!

Tina Tulip

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We used to have Wednesda afternoons off too - most of the units in the town met on a Wednesday as it meant the students were there to run meetings!

Late lectures suck!
I used ot have a 5-6 on a monday and it was the worst one of the week - too late for my brain to function!

I know the hugs don't help but sending some anyway!



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it may be that there are two streams of the same module and there is a bit of flexability, if else uni takes precedence, could you help with another unit till next term.


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Ok so i have been told where the change of seminar form is and have emailed my current lecturer and the one of the group I am wanting to join explaining the situation.I have had a really nice email from the lecturer whos group I want to join saying that there shouldn't be a problem and a fairly naff one from my current lecturer saying that I need to get my priorities and what I want in life sorted out and I should go and discuss it with her. I was only asking.


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Sounds like the hopefully new lecturer is a lot nicer, so you would be better with them.

Sometimes uni's (and work places too) forget that you have a life outside of the place.