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i'm NAFFED off


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Fortunately I don't have anything on a Tuesday so I can go to Brownies, but EVERY day I have a lecture 1500-1700 or 1800 so I can't go to any Rainbows at all!!! :(

but I am blogging about juggling guiding and uni and living with congenital heart disease :) blue_dreamer's blog - Home


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thats really does suck man as far as i was aware all uni had wed afternoon off too!

Def talk to the other lecutre, while uni is manjorly import, u need to have a life outside of uni to be a well rounded individual.... thats apart of what i was missing till this year!


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when i had my teaching contract at a school on a tuesday my main guiding night i had directed time till 5pm as did every member of staff so just got home and changed in time to get out. got home at 6pm and brownies started at 6.30pm. a lot of teacher left early but i didn't feel i could...obviouslydoing most of my nqt then so wanted to impress!!

I was also on the other days first in and last our of my block!!

little owl

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Glad u got it sorted. Now would u like to sort my work place ou as no matter how often i ask for wednesdays of you can guarentee that most weds i end uP working.