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Information: Infractions

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The infraction system is in place to ensure the smooth running of the forum. It will, hopefully, be a last resort but it will now be used for the following reasons:

  • Insulting other members – 1 point
  • Inappropriate language – 1 point
  • Bullying or Offensive behaviour – 1 point

A warning may be given where no points are added however this is not a prerequisite. Custom infractions can also be added if and when necessary. Infractions will be agreed by the moderators and admin as a whole and therefore no single moderator is responsible for adding it.
Moderators will not enter into discussion with the user after an Infractions has been given, in other words it is final.

Points last just 10 days however receiving a second or more infraction of the same type adds another 10 more days. If you receive 3 points you will be automatically moved to the Temporary Suspended usergroup for just 2 days and will affectively be reduced to a non-member thus only being able to read the forum. All member functions such as posting and PMs will be disabled. No refunds will be issues to subscribers for temp/full bans.

It's with great regret that we have to take this line as the forum has always been regarded as a pleasant, guide-like community without unnecessary strict moderation. It is now clear; to protect the peace in our nice community, there has to be ramifications for inappropriate behaviour.

We do not want to instil a fear of posting or open discussion. Infractions will not be implemented for a difference of opinion if conducted in a respectful manner. In most respects we are going to continue as normal. Basically you’ll know if you are stepping over the line, just think ‘would I say this face-to-face’, ‘am I posting in anger’.

Apologies to the majority of users that conduct themselves in a mature manner and you'll probably never need to think about this post again but I’m sure you’ll agree this is a fair and appropriate system for all.

All users can report a post confidentially through the report button (the triangle) at the base of each post. No infraction points will be given for posts prior to this post but warnings may be issued.

This is just a notification of one of the forum's many features and 99% of users do not need to worry about it. If you are the 1%, play nice, you have been warned!

Kindly note the infraction system is under review and subject to change at the Moderating Team & Administrators' discretion.

Not open for further replies.