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Innovate & INTOPS


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I was wondering if anyone knows when Innovate and INTOPS are likely to be next year?

I am trying to plan my QG (I never did it properly when I started and am now being chased up by the new QG advisor).

I know INTOPS was in September this year, but I wasn't sure if that was when it always was.

I have been to a few Innovates, but they seem to change when they are. Didn't know if anyone has got any inside knowledge as to even which month it is in.


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INNOVATE has historically been every 8 months, so the next one should be April/May but that may have changed...

INTOPS is nearly always Sep.


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The format etc of Innovate was (and possibly still is) being reviewed, so may nolonger be sticking to the old patterns. The most recent Innovate was about a month ago though.


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IntOps is usually September (it can't move much because of the timescale of preparing / debriefing the related projects & trips, eg GOLD).
The applications open around April/May.