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Question? Is there a good time of year to recruit?


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We have always had a fairly full brownie unit, to the point that we now run two sessions on the same night. We are in a bit of a dip at the moment and need more girls to join. We are going to send postcards to schools to give to girls but do we do that now and ask them to go out before the summer holidays or wait until September?
Do parents look at stuff that comes home this time of year? Will they forget about it before sept? Or is there too much going on in sept with change of classes etc?
Any advice or previous experience welcome.



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I'd do both!

Now to catch those who are organised and put the idea into the heads of some, then follow up in September for those who forgot to respond before the Hols!


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another that says do both, we found for some parents they need to go home twice, they might get lost, parents are meaning to call but life gets in the way. We had the same numbers again the second time around.


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As a parent, I'd like the information now s I can think about whether or not it'd fit in with the weekly schedule (and work out if it was something I'd want to work around if necessary) - but I doubt I'd get around to doing anything about it, so would need another reminder in the new term. ;)


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From experience I'd do both. Letters have a habit of going walkies!!

I also find that for some reason Christmas/New Year is a good time for me in terms of recruitment. I don't know why, but it could be that parents and children have had a chance to settle back into a routine with schools etc. Or it could be the lure of Christmas presents and Christmas parties!


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I'd do both AND also mention to the girls that if they had any friends that were interested in joining to let you know so that you can let their parents know how to register interest


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I would do both (although it is probably too late to send them out now if you haven't already). I would also let all your current parents know that there are spaces as they might have friends who are interested in sending their child. Could you organise a bring a friend night near the beginning of term to get more girls joining?