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Question? Is there a SSAGO group in Lincon Uni?


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I have a SS member leaving for uni in September. She is unsure about getting involved with a unit at uni (Wants to see what the work load is like first) but is interested in joining SSAGO. So is there a SSAGO group at Lincon Uni? How do we make contact?


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The list of clubs is here http://www.ssago.org.uk/clubs/
Doesn't look like there is =( There may however be some "indie" members who attend the university, so it may be worth contacting the members officer ( members [AT] ssago.org.uk ).
There's also the option of being an indie member - which means she could still attend rallies & balls, and possibly random club events (clubs would usually welcome indies to freshers camp etc).
And she can always start her own ;)