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Joining fee?

We are going to introduce a joining fee for new starters (Guides) - this will cover the handbook, badge book and a necker and we will charge £15. It doesn't quite add up to what we were previously charging for the neckers only plus the set book prices but it will help. Our subs are termly and are pretty low for the area due to the venue cost being very reasonable.

We have had problems in the past with girls joining for a few weeks and then disappearing (although most of them did actually buy uniform very early on perhaps slightly prematurely) but our girls generally haven't found the G-files to be very useful so it would have been a waste of money anyway.

We have bought badge books for all our existing guides as they have all paid several rounds of subs but I have heard we may be getting 10+ new starters in October so want to implement the joining fee for then. We are going all out for the new programme so hoping our enthusiasm will rub off on the girls!


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I am a bit worried about charging a joining fee partly for the proportion of our families who are on lower incomes but also for those that can basically afford it but would not bother buying uniform if they had to pay a joining fee and/or would buy minimal uniform (e.g. one short-sleeved Brownie t-shirt and then not wear it most of the year).
We used to buy a sling bag when they made their promise (i.e. more than 2 weeks down the line) and tell them to buy the Adventure book and bring it in their bag, which worked well at the time, when there was only the Brownie Adventure book. So, I think that could work for us.


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(The other issue is that parents expect us to supply everything - we can't keep stocks of all sizes of uniform, and I'm reluctant to keep stocks of badge books - they seem to find it difficult to make it to the Guide shop!)


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We charged a joining fee to cover initial books, promise badge, certificate, county and six badge. Fee was £12.
But we charged monthly subs so new parents only had one month's subs up front plus joining fee. So only paid £21 on joining.
Our subs also include annual subs so no big amounts to pay.