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Juggling is certainly the right phrase to use!

I noticed there hasn't been any posts on here in a while but oh my doesn't mean this has stopped being an issue!

I am so close to completing my ALQ, half way through my Queens, 1/4 way through my 1st aid qualification, organising my brownie camp licence for a few month time and half way through my degree at uni. Next year uni is really going to step up and i am panicking that I am no way going to be able to balance this all! Even just now I am meant to be writing an essay for uni but I am on here looking up ideas for camp haha.

Wondered if anyone else is in a similar situation? :)


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I know the feeling, although I think I'm just about on top of it all now. I run a small Brownie Unit, but we have lots of volunteers- who are all taking exams or going on placement this term! Not fun, but we've planned it all, so hopefully it will be ok :)

I will certainly miss my Brownies, and the area when I graduate this summer. :( But got to get there first, revision is well underway, dissertation is complete, just got to keep soldiering on. Certainly from next week on, although I've been limiting coming on here to break times and that's worked ok, I will need to be very very strict, I think, although I haven't done too badly up till now. Lunch time and evenings from Monday!

Today has just been a disaster from start to finish, although I did manage a bit of revision this afternoon.

Hope you get your LQ finished before you do your Brownie camp because otherwise you won't be able to do it!
I'm glad to hear it's working out for you! It gives me some hope :) When I was on a 9 week placement I missed brownies so much, I tried to leave early as often as possible and make the 3 hour trip to get back in time for our meetings. Didn't always go to plan but it kept me going. I didn't realise just how big a part the pack was until I wasn't able to make it every week.

Well done on completing your dissertation, I think I will have to start planning now to ensure it all works haha I have scheduled 'brownie' time into my plan and it has been going well until today as well :L The pressure of the brownie camp licence is certainly picking up but it will all work out :)

Yeah, I just have to learn about GO (which is planned for next week) and then my promise ceremony which is 3 weeks time (on a bouncy castle no less :p) the camp isn't until June so plenty of time :)


So, of these things:
Which do you have to do/should be your priority as they have long-term impact? Uni has to come first, Queen's Guide may be a priority depending how much time you have to finish it.

Brownie qualifications are nice things to have, and can enable you to offer more opportunities - but they aren't anything like as urgent or as pressing. So maybe you want to look at doing ALQ first, and residential qualifications later - meantime you could look at joint events with other units.

The other important thing is - make the holidays a holiday. Take time out from Guiding as well as Uni work.
Well of course my uni work comes first but I do feel a sense of obligation to my unit as they helped boost my chance of getting into uni (plus it's hard to turn it off as I love it so much)

I have until next september for my Queens and over that time I have a massive year at uni so that's making me panic slightly.

I have to complete my brownie licence for the Queens as we don't have enough SS/time to organise a permit for me(the brownie camp will go ahead whether i'm doing my licence or not) and I have to get the exploration done this summer due to time constraints and to do the licence I have to compete my ALQ (which is pretty much done). Everything I do seems to all link and tie into each other and is literally becoming a big knotted mess, which is my life.

I'm hoping as soon as this essay is done for next week my life will start to get back on track but at the moment I just have to find a balance for everything.

I had planned to volunteer in America next summer but I have decided I am definitely having a well deserved rest after the madness which is going to happen this year.


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Wondered if anyone else is in a similar situation? :)
Yes. Too much to do and not enough time! Degree, revision for said degree (9 exams this term!), coursework for 1 module, sports team, charity events all this term, summer internship work coming through now, secretary of another society, boyfriend who is equally busy with sports and a business and work...

I'm so relieved I finished my QG, ALQ and Camp licence before I finished school!