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Urgent! Kind and Helpful Craft


Brownie Leader
oooo got to be Good Turn beads, very simple for them to do, I've been into Rainbows with my Brownies to teach them to make these.

rainbow good turn beads.jpg

Materials needed:
7 beads
1 long piece of ribbon (approx. 60cm in length)

Laminated TAG with hole punched through.
Thread the ribbon through doubled.
Tie an overhand knot (half hitch) using two lengths of the ribbon.
Take one bead and thread it from left to right using one end of the ribbon.
Using the same bead, thread it again using the other length
of ribbon right to left.
Pull the ribbon until the bead slides up to the knot.
Repeat with all the beads.

When you get to the last bead, push them all up the string (they will move), leave 2 finger widths ribbon at the bottom and then tie a knot. They now have space to move the beads up and down.

Do a good turn every day and move a bead up (or down) until you get to the end of the week.

I even have a powerpoint for the tags all set up ready for Rainbows that you can print and cut out - I can email you if you message me with your email address.


Just out of interest, why does this need to be a craft?
Also curious - craft is only a part of the arts, and the arts but a small part of the Rainbow programme - so craft would be something you would do 2 or 3 times a term. It is usually more effective to teach things through games/activities rather than crafts.