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I always have my shades for driving because even not very sunny days can make me squint (I work in semi-darkness so my eyes are adjusted the wrong way round!).

to stop Dolly stressing:
bring a chair if you think you might want to sit outside.
don't bring a chair if you don't mind sitting on the ground and/or can't carry it!

if it's not on the kit list it's not that essential (except the stapler)..........


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Actually thinking about it - given my stupid ankle I might bring mine! And my glasses are react alight so i dont need seperate sunnies!


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I will have three pairs cos 2 pairs live in my car, but they are non-prescription ones so I can't see quite as well.

I also can't drive so well without them. I even wore them for driving through fog the other day, though that was because it was sunny wehn I set off, then between Hudds and the Lancs border it kept alternating every 2 miles between thick fog and bright sun, and my normal glasses were in my bag...


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look, im sorry i cant keep it a secret anymore. i think its unfair that only a few of us know the truth about the location for g2g3.

i think its not right that the organisers are doin this and not preparing u for it!

we are CAMPING in an old barn, theres no hot water or showers. There are no beds an the organisers think they are bein so funny by makin u all believe its a comfy, clean place! im sorry i jus think u need2know.... and with dolly sayin u wont need chairs well erm i think u will...and beds...and matresses....


ooooh Im now Brownies GiC!!
wat u laffin for ellen?! u were there wen rach swore us to secrecy about it. Look i cudv told them about the pink stripy numbers they got cheap an r making us wear..


ooooh Im now Brownies GiC!!
heheheehehe id better jus write that i AM JOKING AND its jus me thats sleepin with the wildlife as a result of that post!!! hehehe bet i got a few ppl as well as i did after that uniform forum n the ideas of an all pink kit!!! lol


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Don't listen to her, she's lying!!!! The place really is a falling down old shed and we'll be lucky to have a roof over our heads for one night never mind a whole weekend.

And the whole get together thing a one mega masquerade for a GGUK sweatshop making stripey tops for the nation's Guiders!! And it's all run by Dollypip!!

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Thank goodness - I was beginning to wonder - Imagine Guiders actually going somewhere to enjoy themselves. Sweatshop here I come and as for a wrecked old barn - a real home from home - hope I won't be disappoined now! LOL

You lot are all mad - just the kind of people I like!!!!


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If anyone is planning to do an environmental badge or GFI with therer girls I am bringing with me about 30 magnets about reusing plastic bags and 15 keyrings if someone wants them.

Also bringing some spong stamp things and some other rainbowy crafty bits - that came in the box that I bough to store my 30something juggling balls in - and i dont want them so they will be free to a good home!


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its Smartie who is too lazy to log out and back in and out again.....

If you have twister could you please bring it? Want to make a mega twister out of lots of twisters :)

(Yes, i have been told i am sad :p)