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Rach or Dolly i'll answer to anything...
That are mucky!!! But Im going straight to work on the sunday and i usually require 2/3 baths to decampfire me and I dont want my campfire clothes making the work clothes smell.


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I love campfire smell and tough if I still stink of it at netball on Sunday!! It wouldn't be a guide event without coming home with everything woodsmoky!!

You might need a torch to see in the night if by some odd chance there are no lights on!


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Yeah Campfire. Sitter on bench, waterproofs on, jobs a good un! Need to find torch although I ahve wandered about the site a lot with no torch, my eyes acclimatise after a while


Still nothing's done!

I'm in PJ and I've to nip to the PO before 12 as got four parcels to be picked up be they're for my DS2 as he's been waiting for weeks to get the pokemon figures from ebay (all the way from china!!!) and I think he really deserves them because his report is outstanding - well above the level for the NC!!!! :)

Now to wait for DS1's report this afternoon and his grade sheets and a newsletter!!!! But at least we now know what's happening to the Japan trip - it's been called off till October 2012 but trouble is.... he won't be at that school but the school is offering them a trip if they want and the school will write to 6th form college to explain :) but we need a family talk about this first!!!