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Right got as much as I can in the bag......... but there's a big pile on the floor of the lounge ready for me to pack......

not had lunch so will have that then shower and then pick kersteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee up!

come home and load car up

still on the hunt for drawing pins.... where is the hedgehog tin????


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Really need to get a wriggle on. All packed except I've just remembered my necker. CDs copied for the journey and fingers crossed these ones work (last ones didn't, and all my car radio would pick up was Radio 1). Slice's number saved in case we get stuck on the M6. Sky+ set up to record Casualty tomorrow.

And lastly, chair fished out of cupboard!!


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I'm getting Esther in 45 mins then heading up the motorway for you.

And in reply to your text - no, you can't. I'm leaving you there :p

Of course it's fine!
It feels a bit Big Brothery this. I feel like you're Davina shouting "I'm coming to get you" as I'm evicted from the house after two months... (well it has been 2 months since my last guiding weekend!)

Lovely, ta Jenn. :)