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Darth Vader (12,500+ posts)
I am sorry I cannot bring the old uniforms for you all to play with, the swap sack for you to search or the boomwhackers for you to play with on this occasion.

Another G2G perhaps for my playbox.


Recently Qualified Brownie Leader
Ok so have been noisy through your photos, and I have to ask why are there 5 people "dancing" on a kitchen worktop almost knocking there heads off
I think it may had to do with the large signs saying "Please do not SIT on these worktops" Well, they had to comply with the notices!


Wonder Woman In Training
I believe our first aider will be encouraging us all to drink "Responsibly". Can't wait to taste it.

I might be able to provide boomwhackers if my chauffeur has enough room and I can sneak them from my sister.