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Leadership Octant Ideas


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Can any of you let me know what either yourself or members of your units have done for the 3 phases of this octant? My unit are running low on ideas and didn't seem to have much that could count - we exhausted my ideas in the meeting so any activities counted will be a great help

Thank you


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This used to be a really common thread topic, so trying a quick search of this sub forum. It used to be that completing the ALQ completed the whole octant, so I did that, but you could try running a badge or challenge badge for a younger unit for the phase 2 - 12 hours would be 6-9 meetings' of activities so basically running the programme for the term would be perfect.
For people who don't help at other units, things like leadership courses at work (I.e. a future leaders' week long course) would be perfect for a phase 3.