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Letter for subs owed

Hi i have finally got ontop of the accounts and have realised there is a couple of girls who havent paid subs for 5 months and 3 months, i am struggling wording a letter home to send home for the parents. i am going to offer weekly payments if the struggle with monthly. Any advice on how to word it would be great, please


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First of all as you are probably already aware, chasing this up might lead to them disappearing and you might not get this money back. Some parents it’s innocent and it’s genuinely slipped their mind and they will pay up after the first prompt.

It’s worth letting your D.C. know what’s going on, especially if any owe larger sums.
I would not take any money for “extras” for example trips or residentials until the outstanding amount is paid.

Send an initial warning/prompt email first. You can always send tougher follow ups.

Don’t apologise for contacting them or be woolly. Have specific numbers listed and give a deadline.
If you normally sign off with leaders nick names don’t, have unit name volunteers or your name lead volunteer. Keep it as factual and straightforward as possible, for example:

“Dear Name,

Payment for girls name subs at £XX are now overdue.

This is:
£XX for term date
£XX for term date

£XX for this term is now also due.

Please make arrangements by date to pay the £XX owing by end of the month. Payment can be made by however the unit accepts it here. If there are difficult financial circumstances we can work out a payment plan, leaders are available for a discreet word at the end of the meeting/via email/phone.

The money from subs are essential for the unit to run, therefore if we do not receive payment for the money owed or have a payment plan in place by date girls names place at the unit will formally be at risk.



Good luck it’s not a pleasant place to be in. Although it’s easier said that done, onwards introduce set payment deadlines. We collect once a term and it’s due by the third week.


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Dear Parent

I notice that the subscription payment for Flossie has not been paid since March 2018 and the outstanding amount is now £XX. I would be grateful if you could ensure this amount is paid together with the forthcoming terms payment due on Friday. If this is not possible or if you believe that the payment has been paid please speak to me about the ways we can help to resolve this matter.

You will appreciate that as charity Brownies/Guides rely on the subscriptions paid by the girls to cover all our costs from rent to materials and badges, when payments are late it can have a significant impact on the whole unit as we strive to keep our costs to a bare minimum.
Thank you so much, my DC isnt the best and 1 is here granddaughter and got away without paying in brownies, the other i think is a genuine mistake and im guessing is still paying the standard order to brownies (my fault as health reasons means im behind)


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Our letter is similar but includes the option "in a case of genuine financial difficulty, please talk in confidence to NAME."

Having said that, nobody has ever confided a difficulty and they just don't send their girls back.

We give them until the end of the term to pay at least part of it or make an arrangement.


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Thanks Badgemad. That wording is perfect for the letter I've been putting off writing all summer.... just need to add an enquiry at the end to check if our Flossie has in fact left. I chased the mother at the end of last term and the girl then didn't make an appearance for the last three weeks of term.... First meeting back next week so we shall see...