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Logging into Go for the first time


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Does anyone know if there is a deadline for people to log back into the new Go for the first time/ if there is a set time that new volunteers have to have verified by?

My "main" volunteers have all logged in again/verified, but occasional helpers still haven't despite being sent several requests to by myself and above levels- and offers of help. And obviously not having logged in means that they haven't done e safe space.

I don't want to have to face consequences- there isn't anything I can do short of gluing them to a computer until they fill it in! And the unit can't afford to lose their help.



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I don't think it has a time limit, but if they no longer have a login invitation, they need to apply to membership services for a new one. They know who hasn't logged in. It's a while since I did my online, do you need to login to do it ? I know you'll need your membership numbers though so it gets logged.

As for getting them online to do the safe space....maybe you need to be crafty...arrange a 'meeting' at home with wine etc and do a group session, they may bring their tablets or laptops with them. You may need to be crual to be kind but you have until 2020 before they have to do it but clearly they will be more help if they have a greater understanding.