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Look Wider phase one


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I am clear on what counts and doesn't count for a majority of things eg debate over child rights in after school club yes, in citizenship at school, no and if it's in paid employment or otherwise compulsory no. But what about things that fall a bit in between? Such as having to work (unpaid) for a family business, farm etc? In terms of what is leant there is something BUT it's not voluntary and is more of an obligation. One part of me wants to say that if they have learnt something new then I am happy to let them have it, but another part of me sees it as it just being an "oh can this fit, that bits done" with no real effort to go out and find a personal challenge . And I am against the "every little thing needs a badge/recognition" culture, which I don't want to affect my judgement!


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Do you have a specific example in mind here that you could share? The test is only whether it's 'extra-curricular' to the employment, so I suspect it would be a case of judging each scenario on its own merits. (Having just opened the current resource on website to read page 5's one line on this subject...)

At phase one at least I don't think it matters as such how much effort was required in choosing the activity, if the activity itself is sufficiently challenging. I wouldn't have a problem with a taster activity organised by a TSS leader being counted, and arguably they've expended nil effort in 'searching' for that challenge. But they have chosen to undertake it and it met the challenge test.

Otherwise you'd never be able to count anything you were 'doing anyway' for other quals/awards, which you are specifically allowed to do. So I wouldn't be getting bogged down in that aspect so much as the content and suitability of the challenges themselves.
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Thanks, that's helpful. Some of the Guides are looking onward to TSS and are asking about LW, and what they can and can't do. They all lead very active lives outside of Guides and I want to be clear from the word go on what can and can't count.

I had a similar scenario with a friend of mine, who put helping immunise cattle on her families farm at phase two for outdoors (has since left the LW scheme). I wouldn't have thought outdoors was the best octant. The extent of her aid was unclear, and it was a one off from what could be seen and she was about 16/7 at the time with a knowledge of the subject.