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Lost at GTG6


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Katie has it along with some glueten free stuff for lette and another gift for you ben x


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My dad is a volunteer for a rescue unit for motorsport. Every year they hold a dinner and dance event. One of his friends on the team is somewhat lacking in the hair department, so one year turned up with a (woman's) wig. Someone else on the team held the wig to ransom, and every year, he'd get it back only for someone else to take it during the dinner and dance.

WHen reading BO's above post, I had visions of the same ting happening with Ben's missing item...


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I now have a horrible premonition that this item is going to end up going on a tour of the country and having its own facebook account before being reunited with Ben at the next G2G....


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it wasn't a rather cold lady with her um endowments on show? (just a wild guess from the descriptions...)
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