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Question? Making Bunting


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Hi All

Has anyone made fabric bunting with Brownies?

My unit is celebrating its 50th birthday next term, so we'll be having a party. I'd like to make a set of "unit bunting", where the Brownies decorate a flag each. I'm just wondering what is the best way to go about it...

I want to use fabric rather than paper, so that it can be kept and used in the future, perhaps with new Brownies adding their own flags over the years, so need something that's going to last. I also want to be able to use it outside, so it needs to be weather proof.

I've seen plain white bunting flags at Baker Ross, which we could use fabric paints/pens on. Or I thought I could just make the flags myself - maybe from the "honeycomb parc" fabric they have at Fabricland (but not sure if we could paint on this?), which would avoid having to do too much sewing

Has anyone tried this? What did you use? How well did it work?

Thanks very much!


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we made fabric bunting with our Guides. The easiest way we found was getting lots of PVA glue (not the washable version!) diluted it with water put it in a bucket and then dipped the fabric in till it was soaked, then we hung it up to dry - obviously the leaders did this before the meeting, by doing this meant the fabric didn't fray so no seams were needed.
The girls under supervision cut the material into lots of triangles (we used pinking scissors ) and then we purchased some plain white tape about 2 cm wide from our fabric shop. Over a few weeks we had a parent helper and a sewing machine & the girls just stitched the triangles staright onto the tape.

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We used Staplers to attach the flags to the tape at the jamboree for ease.

For something different rather than using pens/paint I have seen them done with a very weak water/bleach spray (needs to be darker colour flags) then cut out templates to place on flag. Spray the bleach and water mixture and leave to dry. Remove template. Leaves outline shape of the template in the dark while turning surrounds lighter


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Yes we used pennant shapes cut from a thickish bed sheet, cut using pinking shears. We outlined the letters B R O W N I E S on the pieces and each Brownie decorated one in any style they liked.

Then chose a star shaped button and these were sewn to the bottom (decoration and added a bit of weight to the bottom of the pennant piece and added their initials at the bottom too.

I bought some yellow bias binding and did the sewing bit (which I've never done before, so must have been easy enough !!)

Some photos - we ended up with 3 strands I think, we use them for our Promise and Leaver nights and whenever we have parents in for other events too.

10371220_759075984124613_9086174394033405562_o.jpg 10371220_759075984124613_9086174394033405562_o.jpg 1973802_759076007457944_4979883714427234304_o.jpg


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Ooh, lots of fab ideas - thank you!

That's the sort of thing I had in mind Cerys - the button at the bottom is really cute :)

Can't decide whether to use coloured or white fabric - white would take fabric pens better, but coloured would be... er... more colourful! Decisions, decisions!

Thanks Foxi - I've emptied my inbox now :)


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I made this recently for a camp- bed sheets cut into triangles with pinking shears. The girls could decorate a triangle each and then you would need to attach them together (we used bias binding)