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Question? Me In Mind

Hi, I am a Senior Section member and I would like to earn the Me In Mind badge, but I don't fully understand the requirements. I have the resource, but I don't understand which clauses I have to do.
The instructions say to complete one activity from the first and last sections - does this mean 1 of the 4 activities from "Believe in yourself" and 1 of the 4 activities from "Have a laugh!"? This is the way that I have understood it, but there are 40 activities in this resource so it seems a bit odd that you only need to complete 5 activities to earn the badge.
Can someone please let me know if I have understood the instructions correctly please?
Thank you :)


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Yes, that's correct.
1 from each of the stated sections, plus however many (3 I think) from your choice of others.

A lot of the activities can be used towards other awards - eg, most of them are suitable as 'phase 1' elements of Look Wider 'Fit for Life' or 'independent living'.

So, if you are insipred by the resource in general, and want to do more than just the 5 required for the badge, look at taking it further for other awards, or just your own benefit.

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