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Meeting Ideas


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Could you please let me have your ideas for meetings inside & out?? Am trying to get the girls started with suggestions for them to go on & plan themselves. Old & new ideas would be a brilliant help. Have also started talking about the new programme. Thank you for reading


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ah, didn't notice the 'sub section' sorry - was thinking could be rainbows, brownies, guides...

outside a good one is a small group type challenge to take 'photo evidence' on their phones of a list of challenge items such as something round, something red, number 123, toy, animal, aerial, caravan... vary the list depending on what you'd like to include


I would let them choose from a selection of UMA cards to begin with - it will give them a range of ideas, with all the info on equipment, duration etc.


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we have lots of stuff but last term I was trying to get a bit of 'life skills' in so did some sewing (made wheatbags) with sewing machine - they loved this as apperntly they don't learn that in school anymore - and some car maintance - oil check, changing a tire etc - on my car.
I gave them a quick quiz to gauge what they already knew and skills they wanted to learn first.