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Midlands Mayhem

Thinking of doing it with my guides and young leaders (and ex-guides who are YL elsewhere in the division) ...feeling the lack of info from the team, I've been told to organise my own transport and hotels ... Was expecting more help, like a set of coaches laid on or cheap rate on Eurostar organised.


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I was sad I wouldn't be able to at the start, as they'd released the initial date which clashed with a county scout/guide camp I'm helping run next summer.
But now that the date has changed, definitely.
we are hoping to take our guide group. We went to france with 30 of us last year so are going to cost it. Im going to look into coach hire and camping nearby with a day trip to paris, and Disney!


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Hi Wibble,

Midlands have done similar events like this before, and it works for them that units can do as much or as little as they want. You could do it on a day trip to paris via Euro star, and no overnight in paris, or you could do it as part of a fortnight around Europe, the choice is then up to the girls.

Jade T-dar Berry - Guess I'd better save some holidays then!