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Motivating the young leaders - the next step.


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I'm a DC, and realised that I had responsibility in my area for the YL's. There was nothing for them before at all, so I have been on a 'grow a YL' training, started some girls off on the qualification, and have about 1/3rd of them come (diff ones each time) to a termly meeting where we go over the stuff. I feed them biscuits / pizza / icecream. Its been a start. Its more than there was before, but I feel like I'm letting them down .

How to I get the girls to move on to actually getting bits signed off? How do we take that next step? I have 10 YL's at the moment, so they could support each other a bit too.

Any ideas please?


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Have you involved their Guiders in what they need to do to support these YLs? Most of the YLQ could be signed off in meetings so are their Guiders aware of this?


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firstly - by doing something you are certainly not letting them down - don't beat yourself up!

depending on how old they are and whether they want to do YLQ or LQ you could pick a couple of clauses that would be easier to cover together and either dliver a session yourself or get a local Trainer or LQ co-ordinator or mentor in to go over bits with them and then do some group discussion and mutual sign-off.

I used to do group mentoring for the LQ - I'd set a topic, tell then what to read in advance and then we'd meet in a coffee shop and talk through it otgetehr and then they signed off each others books.

You could also get a resource like Toegterh We Can and put them in small groups to plan an evening for their unit - if you've got a mix of YLs from different sections you could put the Brownie ones together, the Guide ones etc, then they have developed something to take away and try in their unit. the next session you can do some evaluation with them and see how it went, what they'd do differently next time etc.


Could you have a session (perhaps led by the YLs with your help) which the Leaders attend too - on the theme of 'how to support your YL?
Could you do an actual YL training - on a topic like 'how to plan and run games' 'Christmas craft ideas', 'how to plan and run an outing' or whatever topic the YLs want covered?
Could you arrange a meeting with a small group of individuals to chat over their role in the unit - you could spot which things they've already covered, and sign them on the spot. You could also pick out the things they need to do, and help them swap ideas on how to cover them. Maybe this will throw up ideas for a training?
Could they work together to plan a district event?
Could you take time to discuss opportunities for Senior Section - perhaps with a visit from the SS Adviser - they may not know about the various options open to them . . .


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Thanks everyone. I did read these but have only just had time to reply. I need to be careful not to be seen as trying to run a SS unit, so I was trying to keep it as more of a 'getting started and sign things off' session. But I did get out some resources and two girls took away activity ideas to hopefully do at their units to fulfil clauses.

I think guider education is the next step. I tried a brief discussion at the district meeting, but the guiders don't want to trust them to actually do things. They don't want to let them do much more than run games etc. So my next challange is how to change the guiders perception - I'm not sure if its based on these girls, or if previous YL's have let them down. I think its important to get a balance between too high expectations but needing the YL's to know they are being relied on. Some of the ones I spoke to were a bit disheartened, and its those girls that have taken away an activity, and I have specifically asked their leaders to let them run it in the next 3 to 4 weeks. So we shall have to see. Both girls to 15 min promise type activities, so shouldn't interfere with the terms program too much.

At our unit we've previously given the YL's meeting time to plan, then run the atcivtity the next week, which does help with tehir busy lives, but I need a few more ideas / sucsess story's please!


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I think that getting YLs involved in all of the activities that the other leaders do can really help them to feel involved, without the leaders having to relinquish too much responsibility if they don't want to. When I was a YL (not too long ago!) I, along with all of the other YLs, were always invited to unit planning meetings, district meetings and leader trainings. This was an excellent place for us to discuss our ideas, as well as providing an opportunity for all of the leaders in the district to see what YLs at different units were responsible for. Attending unit plannings meant that it was easy for the leaders to assign small parts of the programme to me in advance, so it would be clear what I had to do. That way I could have most of a term to plan something if I needed it, and the leaders would be able to check on my progress.