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Moving to York!

I am starting my second year at York st john uni in September and would love to get back into guiding. I have had my LQ for a year and volunteered at my local brownies for 4 years and miss it! I live near the hospital but don't have a car so am looking for somewhere close by.
Does any one know of any units in that area - R,B or G??
Thanks :)


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Did you register on Join Us as I have a vested interest in making sure you're placed with a unit ;)
If you haven't done it, feel free to PM me. There should also be representatives at Freshers.
Hope to hear from you soon!!
One of my ALQ's has gone to York this Sept for Uni. I'm not sure if she has found an unit yet but if she hasn't some help would be appreciated. She does brownies and has either just finished her ALQ or is very nearly finished. I will be seeing her tonight so I will check with her then.
Hi, I first posted on here and was told about Join us so did that and have now been given a unit really close to my home - i think that would be the best way as the person who it goes to knows the units in need of leaders etc :) hope this helps!