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Mystery Camp book


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Hi all, today I found a fiction book in a second hand book shop entitled "Mystery Camp" by Violet M. Methley. Its about a guide camp (I think a patrol specifically, but I haven't read it - just flicked through) and is part of "The 'Golden' Library for Girl Guides and Brownies" series according to the information inside.

There are also a couple of illustrations throughout the book.

There is no date of publication but there is a sticker on the first page saying that it was presented to a Kathleen Niblock from her school for needlework in December 1934.

I originally bought it as a keepsake to put with my guide collection but I wouldn't mind selling it to try and get some needed unit funds if it was worth anything.

Does anyone know anything about this book or the author?

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Yes, I have a copy (perhaps more than one). The author wrote 4 Guiding-related storybooks, so far has been traced, from around the mid-1920s onwards. (other Guide-related titles of hers are Bunyip Patrol, Queer Island, and The Windmill Guides). There are some collectors out there who collect Guiding-related storybooks so there is a list of titles which has been created (and which is gradually being added to) right from the first book, Terry the Girl Guide, by Dorothea Moore in 1912!

It isn't uncommon, but might sell on secondhand sites for somewhere in the £5-£10 mark.


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I love this story. I bought the Peal book of Girl Guide stories many years ago when I was 11 and just starting Guides. It had this one plus two others. I've read it so many times over the years.