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Name that programme


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Is there a name for the "new" programme? Similar to how the outgoing programme can be identified by referring to the individual names (Brownie Adventure etc) and the one before as the 8 point programme, is there a name for it that I haven't heard of yet/failed to notice, or has anyone coined a good one?


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Hmmm, looking at the Girlguiding website...

  • Our new programme for every girl
  • #EveryGirl

I suspect it'll be the "new programme" for the next ten years or so! Six Themes?


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I've heard tha acronym basket to remember it

B be well
A have Adventures
S skills for fuure
K know myself
E express myself
T take acton


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Basket is how I remember the themes too, but I think I heard that on here rather than anything official

It’ll be “the new program” for a good few years yet I expect!

Then maybe “the six themes”?


No, so far as I'm aware it doesn't have an overall 'name'. But I'm not sure that it needs to have - this time next year it'll simply be 'the programme'.