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Need for Sympathy/Empathy!!!


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Is anyone Guiding & in their final year???

I took over my Brownie pack at the beginning of the year, still part way through my ALQ & am finishing off my degree!!
Luckily I have a lot of help from my DC and other 2 guiders but wanted to know if there's anyone else out there in the same situation so we can all moan together!!!

My dissertation is due in in 3 1/2 weeks & I have a huge job interview on the 25th!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

Huge sympathy/empathy to my fellow stressed Uni Guiders!!!!


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I'm with you there! I'm in a different county to my Guides when I'm at Uni though so I don't see them all that much - just end up running around finding things for them all weekend when I'm at home.
I'm "lucky" with my final year project. I've got an injured wrist so the Uni have agreed there's no way I can keep up with my other modules and get my FYP in (1st April deadline) so they've agreed to suspend it until the rest is done. Plenty to do still though so I shall vanish.
Also in the same boat. My 10000 word dissertation is due on 30th April my 7500 word project on domestic violence on 29th April and thats on top of 2 more essays and a portfolio. Meanwhile I am doing my LQ and am GiC for a Guide unit. Oh and I've just started my camp licence.
What are you both doing for your dissertations/project essays?


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First things first stay calm and accept help. Uni work comes first and do activities that don't require a lot of preparation. But attend the meetings you can't study all the time, I used Rainbows as a away to relax at least week hour a week.
Just plod away and try not to get over whelmed by it, that makes the fear of not getting through it worse.
Rainbow_Princess was my life saver during my final year, she kept me going and let me rant away.

Hope this helps.
You can PM me if you would like more advice. Remaining calm is hard but it is all worth it in the end.


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It was me this time last year - I opened a new guide unit during final year and wrote my dissertation and I lived to come out the other end it will all work out!


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Oh I've been there. Will probably be back there again next September if I get a place on the PGCE I'm going to apply for.

Just stay calm and keep breathing. Work through 1 small task at a time, and everything will be done before you know it.

We're all here to listen if it seems like it's getting too much.



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I'm similar, in final year of undergraduate know and struggling with my dissertation due in, in two and a half weeks. I'm also trying to get my ALQ done before I take over a different rainbow unit and do an M Phil next year.
Unfortunately the ALQ is kinda my least priority with all the stuff, I do it was very embarrassing when I met with my mentor a couple of weeks ago and had nothing new to show her!


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im a brownie guider, finalist engineering student, but also took on running a beaver colony and doing my queens guide... there jsut isnt enough hours in the day.

Do say NO sometimes - i Had to last week as was just shattered... hugs to all those in similar sitution!


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Aaaargh, I know what you mean!
I'm not actually a finalist, but I'm in the 3rd year of a 4 year degree so I could graduate this year if I wanted to :eek:
I help with Brownies, I'm trying to finish off my Queen's Guide (damn CA project!), do In4mer stuff, as well as other kayaking and volunteering and organising loads of people! Eeek!


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I remember it well! I still went to Guides every week, though; I just made sure I scheduled in this time as NOT being able to do uni work. You need to allow yourself time to do something different as a break. The other Guiders were good at not landing me with stuff, or giving me plenty of notice to prepare something, and were very understanding that I'd be going to Guides but would probably be fully functioning during my finals - again, I needed that 2 hours away from it all, and it helped. Round the time of the Christmas party in my final year, I was quite low because I was struggling to get everything done, and that 2 hours off gave me a bit of time off, especially when we went on the dodgems once the Guides had all gone home!! It was also the other Guiders then that noticed that I wasn't my usual self, and made sure I was okay.

And now doing my PGCE, I also make sure that I do not have too much for a Monday night, and instead get it done at the weekend. In that sense, this year is easier as I don't have a part time job also - doing my degree I was working 16 hours at weekends. And hte night I missed Guides because of the snow I DIDN'T use it as a chance to get on with work, but instead as time to put my feet up!


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don't panic!

In my final year I was AG in 2 Rainbows Units, and a Brownie Unit and at a Beavers!

And GIC of a Brownie Unit, kept me busy... and county PRA and Contact, and SNA... And 2 or 3 soctieties too! Still got my Dissertation in on time and got the degree I wanted, got a better result than I was expecting too!

Its all a matter of being organised and planning! I was busy every night of the week and every weekend, but I planned in as much as I could and did a lot of multi-tasking especially in my SU meetings and AGMs!!!

You'll be fine! The guider in you will keep you calm and prepared, while the student in you will help you let your hair down when you REALLY need to!