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Need your feedback for a crazy idea


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I am part of a rangers unit and I am also doing my Queens Guide award, I was thinking into doing something big for the organising an event with two or more units bit and me and a friend were thinking of organising something to celebrate the association and what it does for girls and young women.

So we thought about doing a flash mob.

I know its a bit out there and would take alot of organising, but does anyone think this would be a good idea, and if it were in the right place would anyone consider joining me???

Thinking a simple dance routine posted online for everyone to watch and maybe we could do it on world thinking day next year 2014?

Also does anyone know if there is any rules legal or guide related that would stop me from organising something??

Thanks in advance :)


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in theory sounds good - but you'd have to ensure everyone participating had parental permission to have video taken and for that to be posted on the internet? and if planning to do during a "normal" meeting, would have to let the leaders know if its during a meeting?

and if at a different meeting time/place - you'd need to do consent forms and arrange it

gangam style or gentlemen style perhaps? or perhaps your own even better made up one :D

just as an aside - would it be doable without rehearsing it? just thinking younger girls might find it a little harder? perhaps would depend on your age range and ability range?


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Thanks for the advice, how about if it was over 18s only then?? or do it as an event were leaders need to organise their own units forms, and let parents know if their daughters attend they would be filmed and if they are uncomfortable with this then not to participate :/??

I was thinking maybe a Saturday really, so it would be a different time and place from the meeting.

Also I would post tutorials online. as may original thought was aiming it older girls, and if I was to do it locally visit units in the weeks leading up to it to have rehearsals.

Its very much just the start of an idea and its going to need a lot of work if I was to even attempt to pull it off, thought I would get some feedback here before taking it to commissioners ect


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Have a look at improv everywhere!

And they do one flash mob with headphones. We did something similar at jamboree Denmark last year, and it was fab! Instructions are played through your headset and all you have to do is follow them. And when the talking finishes, music is playing, so you find people singing and dancing along to it, but the public cant hear it! You just post a mp3 file on the Internet and then people can download it to their phones/iPods/mp3s etc - and might be a little easier for the younger ones?
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I think this is a great idea. Needs some thought and planning like you say but wouldn't it be a great advert for Guiding if you could make it really big, somewhere with lots of people in it to see it and get the media involved!!


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If you do it well, as bagpuss says it could be a great advert!

You probably should start off with a conversation with your commissioner - at whatever level you're thinking of doing this.
Without wanting to sound like an old-fogey ..... be conscious of using the "flash mob" term too much if you think your target audience of people to convince (i.e. the local guiders) wont "get it"!
Ultimately, you're "just" thinking of doing an event, somewhere public, possibly with a couple of units, possibly just certain age groups, more than likely involve filming / publicity, you're looking for some help in advance to learn a dance routine / song ......... All of that is standard planning for an event, so suss out the guiding rules where applicable. E.g. the "starting ... forms" will have a tick box for publicity / photos, does that cover your event or would you need to specifically mention it? Would you need consent forms? Would you need to seek permission from the shopping centre / public place where you plan to do the flash mob?

The flash mob part of it sounds "modern" (there goes the old fogey again ...) - but don't let that be an excuse for others to not let it happen. Suss out everything, possibly with a leader (apologies if you are one ..... ) and plan it like you'd plan any other trip.

There's a list of prohibited activities in the guiding manual - things we absolutely can't do; and flash-mobs aren't listed - so by default, that means you "could" do it as a guiding activity, assuming you planned it correctly, got the necessary permissions, had the right ratios of adults (if you've got children there) etc etc


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Firstly I would just like to say thanks to everyone for your help not really been on here before and its great to get so much feedback.

Looks like I will have to do alot of planning for the event, I was originally thinking just going it with Senior Section but now I think it might be better to get other sections involved. The mp3 idea would certainly make it easier with regards to that.

I was thinking of using it as an advert for guiding and show that its not old fashioned, as it is often thought of in my area. Keeping the celebration going past the 100 years.

Think I will discuss it with my Rangers as we would be left to organise it I think and would need help before speaking to anyone higher up.


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Think I will discuss it with my Rangers as we would be left to organise it I think and would need help before speaking to anyone higher up.
That's a great start, suss out what your group would need to organise and work out how you organise it, who would or could do each part, and what help you'd need from others. Whenever someone suggests a new idea, there'll always be someone who is negative about it .... you can't change that ..... but you can be as prepared as possible; so brainstorm every angle of this and come up answers / references from guiding manual / alternatives. Possibly even draft a basic risk assessment - you'll need input from everyone who is eventually involved - but if you draft one to start with, it shows you've started thinking about the potential pitfalls!


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yeah awesome idea to 'modernise' the image of guiding. i have lost count of the amount of people who have come up to me in college asking - your a guide? do you just sit around in dresses making knots?


trust me i am the worst person at making knots in the world!! :D good luck!!