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Nessa's tattoo


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oh dear dizzy - your g&s status is really slipping now!!! not living in Bryn's house and now you get her tat wrong!!!!!!
Yes but poor Dizzy is Pregnant and moved house the day before so remembering left or right was not important compared to looking after all of us.
Any chance of seeing the Photo?


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Is it something we can do? is there an add on? cos i've seen that option (or a thank you option!) on other forums and i see lots of posts i want to "like"
Actually this is an option I've considered as it allows you to post Thank You(s). It's to help stop post boosting but thought it wasn't needed. I'll have a look at it.

PS> Dizzy doesn't know her left or right any time of day but does know her port and starboard. Strangely she knows port is left by making the letter L with her left hand but why that can't work for left and right I have no idea. Go figure.


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Well that was simple enough. Prefer it to say Likes though but that may be more complicated. Still everyone in work seems to gave gone to the extra Golf day so I could have a go at it. Better finish some work first though.
I only know my left because its where my Wedding ring is and I am old enough to remember the lyrics " Third finger left hand,...........etc"
I can work out Port as it has four letters the same as Left.
Then a port light is red the same as port wine!!!!!!!!
I get there eventually