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New LaSER 4 Coordinator - what do you want from 4?


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What would be really helpful is to have an e-mail sent to all active peer educators with the names and e-mail addresses (as long as they consent) of all the 4 co-ordinators for the areas. That would make applying for grants and getting in contact with people much easier.
i totally agree!! applying for my basic grant was a pain in the neck....I was down at Uni at the time in Somerset north which (at the time) dosn't have a 4 or SS advisor!!! so i had then track down the SW advisor by emailing 4CAST would have been much easier to have a list :)


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I haven't even started with my basic grant yet! I don't know who to contact, but luckily I've found a DC (not mine) who has been AMAZING and has given my details out at her district meeting... more than mine has done. does she even know I've completed my training?!
And, the last time I went on the LaSER website to e-mail a couple of people, I didn't get a reply back, so I think the e-mail addresses were wrong...


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Ladies if you're in LaSER and you don't know who your County Coordinator is please could you PM me your name, email address and County and I'll find out and get back to you :)