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Question? New Rainbow Unit - Advertising an Open Evening


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We are starting up a new Rainbows unit after the October Holidays. I have never started one before but have been a Rainbows leader for the last 10 years - in a unit that luckily didn't need to promote ourselves to get girls!

Our first meeting is going to be an Open Evening for parents and girls to sign up and do a couple of activities. This will take place at the venue and time we would normally meet. I would like to advertise this open evening - can I put the date, time and place on a poster or should I just be giving contact details? I am creating a strip of paper to stick on some of the posters from trading.

Thanks! I feel I know the answer but want to check before putting the poster up in different places around town.


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Personally, I wouldn't put ALL the information on there because you don't want the wrong people to get hold of it. I would put the date, and the town name, but add your contact details so they can find out more information if they are interested.

We managed to get leaflets into all Year R and Year 1 girls' book bags at our local school, which had more detailed information because it was targeted advertising.


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I'd get people to contact you before hand, simply to know how many i'm expecting so have enough crafts/sport equipment/drinks/biscuits etc


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Thanks! That's what I thought. I will just put the date and our unit contact details. We are sending an email to the school so we can put more details in that as well.