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Idea! Newcastle (or Nortumbria) University Students- Help needed!


I'm a Newcastle University Student and I'll be going into my final year in September. Before I leave I want to set up a Newcastle University SSAGO society. I want this all set up ready for September so we can go to the Fresher's Fayre and recruit! I have lots of ideas and think it could be a really great society with a little work. I've done my research and spoken to the Activities Officer at the Union and I'm now armed with forms to fill in! All I need now is a committee and members so if you're at Newcastle University and interested in committee or just want to join when it's all set up let me know! It should be great if all goes to plan and if I can get it all set up next year and increase interest then hopefully there'll be people waiting to take over and keep it going when I graduate! Northumbria students also get in touch if you're interested as I'm working on possibly trying to link a Newcastle and Northumbria group.



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LUSAGG at Leeds runs jointly between the unis, and DUSAGG is active in Durham. Why not contact them for some tips? They both have websites or Facebook pages I believe. X