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Idea! Night with guides on my QG Community Action project

I'm about half way through doing my QG award now and as part of the community action project I'm planning on running an evening with the guides on my topic. The topic I've chosen is 'The negative stereotypes of young people in the media' but I really dont know how to make this into a fun and interesting evening for the guides where it doesnt feel like a citizenship lesson. Does anyone have any ideas about what I could do?


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Get loads of glossy magazines and could use newspapers aswell.

Ask the Guides to cut out their dream body and stick it all to gerth - like a collage of different celebrities.

Could lead into disscusion of having to live up to size 0 etc


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make up a couple of DRAMA type things like jeermy Kyle V teenage mum etc get them to act it out and then discuss their own views and how they stereotype
..not sure I have explained that right but I hope you get the drift...


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Have you got the resource with like the reflective cardboard folder? I think it's called 'looking at me' or something like that. I've got it and there's some really good stuff in there on image/media and stuff.


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What about making outragous stereotypical statements - think they had lots in right to be me - guides spent all night not just shot time discussing statements and why they agreed or disagreed